Hiring bikes on Lake Constance

Lake Constance is THE place to be for cyclists! And because it’s so beautiful and because there are so many great routes and because it’s quite difficult to take your own bike on the train or in the car, you can hire bikes when you get here. Of the many providers around the lake, we can particularly recommend the following, which are based in the most popular areas. If you would like to hire the currently so popular e-bikes or even a tandem, make sure you book early!

As a cycle tour operator, we can unfortunately only provide bikes for our guests. Please contact one of the rental bike stations listed below directly.

Radverleih Konstanz

Constance: Kultur-Rädle

+49 (0) 7531 27 3 10

Radverleih Bregenz

Bregenz: Radverleih

+43 (0) 5574 49 5 90

Radverleih Lindau

Lindau: Fahrrad Unger

+49 (0) 8382 88 84 96

Radverleih Überlingen

Überlingen: Fahrrad Weidemann

+49 (0) 7551 94 82 55